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Lenten House Groups

Every year members of the Banstead Five Churches get together to share their faith. Numbers vary from year to year but between 60 and 100 people usually take part in these ecumenical groups during Lent.

The groups meet at various times of the day and the week (details are available in each of the Banstead Five Churches).

It is a very good way to get to know other Christians in Banstead. Sometimes people are worried about joining a group and say things like “I don’t know enough about scripture” or “ I’m far too shy to talk about my faith to people I know, let alone strangers!”

It is perfectly all right just to come along and join in by listening without any pressure to contribute unless you feel you wish to. It’s surprising how quickly one relaxes after being greeted with a cup of coffee and discovering that, far from being thrown in amongst a group of scripture scholars, most of us are at the same level; we are all just ordinary members of our various churches trying to live our daily lives with reference to our Christian faith.